Friday, May 23, 2014

Mystery Movies solved!

In a Mystery Movie post from nearly four years ago, we surmised that ONE-NIGHT STAND was a re-release of PETS (1973) going solely on actress Candice Rialson's presence in the one newspaper ad we turned up. Based on evidence that has recently come into our possession -- the ad above, from a Madison, Wisconsin showing on September 4, 1981 -- it appears that we were correct in our supposition. The co-feature, OFFICE GIRLS, is a West German "sex report" originally released stateside in 1972 by International Producers Corporation (IPC), the same company that unleashed PETS a year later. Raphael Nussbaum, the vice president of IPC (and director of PETS), later headed Burbank International Pictures, the company that still owned PETS and OFFICE GIRLS when home video rights for both were licensed to Imperial Video Corporation in 1983, along with other IPC and Burbank releases like THE CONTRACT, 2069: A SEX ODYSSEY and BARBED WIRE DOLLS.

An anonymous comment, also dating back to 2010, suggested HOT TO TROT was a re-release of Lucio Fulci's ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER, first released in the U.S. by GGP Releasing in 1971. We now have confirmation that this is correct, ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER was indeed re-released as HOT TO TROT beginning in 1979.

Our friend Raleigh Bronkowski of Screen 13 has figured out that BLACK BELT SOUL BROTHER is LONG XING DAO SHOU JIN ZHONG JUN (1978), better known as THE MAGNIFICENT and DRAGON MASTER, starring Carter Wong, Chen Sing, Casanova Wong, and Doris Chen.

While we're at it, let's tackle two additional Mystery Movies, INSIDE LAURA ANTONELLI and VALIUM HIGH, which we never posted about because we couldn't find decent graphics for either of them...

INSIDE LAURA ANTONELLI, which played U.S. theaters in 1979 to cash in on the higher profile Antonelli imports released in the States the same year (THE INNOCENT, WIFEMISTRESS, THE DIVINE NYMPH), is another re-titling of Massimo Dallamano's LE MALIZIE DI VENERE (1969), which had already played stateside as DEVIL IN THE FLESH, FIRE IN THE FLESH, and SCHOOL GIRL TEMPTATIONS.

VALIUM HIGH, which Clark Film Releasing had on the drive-in circuit during the summer of 1978, is a re-titling of THE STUDENT BODY (1976), directed by Gus Trikonis and starring Jillian Kesner, June Fairchild and Janice Heiden. It was re-released again in 1981 as CLASSROOM TEASERS.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting tidbits. Any stories about THE TEENY BOPPERS? Was that another foreign pickup?

Temple of Schlock said...

We reviewed THE TEENY BOPPERS a few years back. It's a re-release of TEENAGE SEX REPORT (a.k.a. GIRLS AT THE GYNECOLOGIST).