Monday, May 26, 2014

Blue Movie Monday: THE MARRIAGE MANUAL (1970)

"It is hoped that films such as this one, may one day be made available to ALL those who are about to embark upon marriage, or those already married and struggling under the unfair burdens of inadequate sexual understanding. The only thing that stands between you and compete sexual fulfillment, are the barriers of ignorance…The fences of prejudice that society has put up. The mere fact that you, as a consenting adult, will be allowed to view this motion picture…is proof that these fences are slowly but surely coming down. 'The Marriage Manual' brings to the screen in vivid and intimate detail…THE ART OF LOVE…THE ART OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE.

It is our hope and intention that by exposing ignorance and social prejudice…we may relieve the atmosphere of frustration and despair. It is necessary to talk openly and honestly about sex. Make no mistake about it…sex is the cornerstone of your marriage.

We urge you to see this motion picture. It is our firm belief that both husband and wife can benefit greatly by the frank and honest instruction of sexual intercourse as shown in the 'The Marriage Manual.' It is a film you won’t forget, and it may well open up for you and your wife a full and rewarding sex life."

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