Monday, May 05, 2014

Blue Movie Monday: THE PASSIONS OF CAROL (1975)

Shaun Costello's stylish porno reinterpretation of A Christmas Carol missed its Xmas 1974 release date by two and a half months, opening at the Capri Theater in New York just in time for Saint Patrick's Day '75. Variety trashed it ("Blah, humbug") and 8th Avenue porn audiences stayed away in droves, but in the 35 years since its disappointing world premiere THE PASSIONS OF CAROL has gained something of a cult following among fans of NYC-shot hardcore. As with musicals and rom coms, we have a difficult time warming up to porno pics unless we find the leading ladies desirable or at least physically attractive -- and Mary Stuart, cast here in the "Carol Screwge" role, does absolutely nothing for us. However, the high-definition transfer looks very nice, Costello's liner notes and audio commentary (moderated by film historian Joe Rubin) are informative and entertaining, and '80s action film enthusiasts might get a kick out of seeing Sonny Landham service two women at once to Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells." For more info on this release, head over to the Distribpix Blog.

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