Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Endangered List (Case File #132)


Zalman King
Susan Strasberg
Sarah Kennedy
Jan Sterling
Naomi Fink
Kurt Garfield

Produced by
William A. Zeitler

Directed by
Joseph Adler

Screen Arts International
Crismar Associates

MPAA rating: R (June 1976)

Filmed in Miami during the summer of 1971. Preview showings by Levitt-Pickman in December 1974. Submitted to the MPAA for rating in June 1976. Acquired for release by Athena Films in August 1976. Shown on TV in 1982.


"Drama about a young man who runs a restaurant in New York that he has inherited from his wife's father. He embezzles money from the mafia to help buy his father a retirement home in Miami Beach." (British Film Institute)

"A young man becomes involved with the mob and soon rises to power but finds himself in trouble when he can't fulfill his obligations." (Roswell Daily Record TV listings)

"This film depicts the rise and fall of a young man caught in a web of fear generated by the mob when he can't cover his debts." (Farmington Daily Times TV listings)

Above: Monticello, NY - December 27 and 28, 1974

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