Sunday, April 28, 2013

Movie Ad of the Week: LEGEND OF THE BAYOU (1984)

Tobe Hooper's sophomore effort, EATEN ALIVE (1976), had already played the exploitation circuit for eight years when it rolled into 30+ theaters in the New York area as LEGEND OF THE BAYOU on March 2, 1984, courtesy of Motion Picture Marketing. Prior to MPM's release, the film had gone out through such low-budget outfits as M&M Films (as HORROR HOTEL), Virgo International Pictures (as DEATH TRAP and STARLIGHT SLAUGHTER), and Roger Corman's New World Pictures, who promoted the film with a tag line they recycled a few years later for SHOGUN ASSASSIN ("Meet the greatest team in the history of mass slaughter").


Eric Harvey said...

I remember when this rolled into Miami, FL just in time for Halloween 1983. My parents nixed this as a family movie outing.

Desky said...

Great ad! I have a 1984 ad from Reno, NV. (same artwork) At the time, I thought it was a band new movie and I was confused when the film lasted barely a week in spite of having the director of "Chainsaw" at the helm.