Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mystery Movie: KISS ME BLOODY (1966-1967)

Here's something that hasn't happened since our SPLIT-SECOND SMOKEY post over three years ago: We've actually solved a Mystery Movie before the entry was posted! Advertised as "The picture that shocked the producers of BLOOD FEAST and 2000 MANIACS" -- and sometimes co-billed with those films in the North Carolina and Virginia territory -- KISS ME BLOODY was released by Charlotte-based distributor Dominant Pictures during the 1966-1967 drive-in season and then fell off the radar, an indication that it was a quickie retitling of another movie. A thorough investigation by Chris P. and longtime Temple contributor John Donaldson eventually revealed the film's true identity: the Miami-lensed cheesecake gore flick LOVE GODDESSES OF BLOOD ISLAND (1963), scripted by H.G. Lewis stock actor William Kerwin and first released by Dominant in '64 as SIX SHES AND A HE!

After passing it off as another Herschell Gordon Lewis "Blood" movie, Dominant went back to the SIX SHES AND A HE title and managed to book playdates for it through 1970. The movie fell off the face of the earth soon after and is still considered lost, although Something Weird Video offers an incomplete version (47 minutes) assembled from the footage they've been able to locate. Check it out!

Compiled by John W. Donaldson
and Chris Poggiali

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if what Sinister released was a collection of outtakes? I vaguely recall something about "An A-B roll," but I don't really know what that is. I vaguely recall Vraney saying that he had the "B" footage from an A-B roll, which might explain why it only runs 47 minutes.