Sunday, April 21, 2013

Movie Ad of the Week: MASSACRE AT REDNECK COUNTY (1979)

Just when Po-Man was beginning to think he'd written the final word on POOR PRETTY EDDIE, he stumbled upon yet another alternate title for this twisted little gem. Here's the ad from its St. Louis opening as MASSACRE AT REDNECK COUNTY on December 14, 1979.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. In Spain there were many video editions of this movie, the one i own is titled "Redneck County", but with the tag "Matanza en el condado de Cuello Rojo" which means "Massacre at Redneck County". I still remember my jaw dropping some 20 years ago (i was 20 years old and still a beginner on exploitation cinema).

Code Red DVD said...

It open in seattle in 3 drive-in with the same ad. siskel & ebert gave it dog of the week. Brandon Chase bought the film and re-packaged it, most likely failed.