Sunday, July 15, 2012

Movie Ad of the Week: THE MODELS (1974)

Here's a post that started as a "Mystery Movie" but quickly morphed into equal parts "Updating the IMDb" and "Movie Ad of the Week." A couple of days ago, our friend Marc Morris asked us to find the true identity of THE MODELS, a Euro sleaze pic that was released in the U.S. by Group 1 Films beginning in 1974. Some sources claim that it's Claude Pierson's AFFAIR (1974), starring Lucretia Love and Paola Senatore, but that was released stateside (with an X rating) in 1976 by Intercontinental Releasing Corporation. After digging our old Alpha Blue Archives tape out of storage, we quickly ascertained that THE MODELS is actually DONNEZ-NOUS NOTRE AMOUR QUOTIDIEN / IN LOVE WITH SEX (1973), also directed by Pierson and starring Love and Senatore.

For a better look at that Robert McGinnis artwork, click below.


Screen 13 said...

Cool to know about that! Great work. I was thinking that it might have been something like a re-issue of Chase's 1970 flick Threesome, which I think had something to do about a fashion designer and his wife interested in one of his models. Who knows, maybe both were released under the same title in that classic Exploitation style.

rivamarsh said...

Just update the imdb with Group 1 in the distributor section, the 1974 U.S. release date and in the aka title section listed "The Models" with a 1974 release year (it was listed as 1976).