Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Movie Ad of the Week: THE YUM-YUM GIRLS (1978)

Yikes! We just realized we're a week-and-a-half behind and owe you two of these posts! Tell ya what: we'll toss this one up for now, then tomorrow we'll backdate it to a week ago Sunday and put up another ad for this past Sunday (y'know, our usual trick when we go to sleep for 10 days at a time). This ad also counts as an impromptu "Updating the IMDb" post, since THE YUM-YUM GIRLS was released by Cannon in 1978 but the IMDb has its release date as 1981 ('cause that's when it opened in Finland, of course!). We don't have a source handy to back up the following information, but we've heard that the bulk of this movie was shot in 1976, with Cannon adding new material prior to its '78 rollout, similar to the job they did on INCOMING FRESHMEN around the same time ("additional material" credits and Joseph Zito listed as an uncredited editor on the IMDb are submitted as evidence).

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rivamarsh said...

added a correction to the release year (from 1981 to 1978) and updated the distirubor section.