Thursday, July 12, 2012


Fear Yeee-YEW!, Fear Eeeee-GRUE!

Ghouls Art-y!

by Terry Blass

It is again with the gravefest of pleasure that Temple of Schlock creature features a world hexclusive regarding a CELLULOID BLOODBATH: MORE PREVUES FROM HELL world preem-eerie. Yes, fiends and slay-gores, PREVUES FROM HELL is back ... to hack! ... with a second Virgil Films volume deadheaded this Oc-tomb-brr 9th tomb DVD racks every scare. And we've got the sneak-eek! first look peek at the front cover box art. And trust us, it's rot for the scream-ish!

So, boyls and coils, put on those a-gore-mentioned reek guards like now and get ready to eee-yowl:

Yes, fear fans every scare, dead woodn't you know it? Happy G., no dumb he, made such a big Splatt in the first PREVUES FROM HELL DVD he's back for gore! And why knotty pine? Hap proved so poplar in PFH 1 the producers wooden ever let him leaf, let alone not have him at CELLULOID BLOODBATH's elm. I mean, the great John Zacharle himself can be found Roland around in CB onscream, but it's Hap who's the ghost host who'd make the most posts.

Man o' woman, look at that guest list, chill ya? Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, Caroline Munro, Veronica Carlson, Debra Lamb, Darian Caine, Kyra Schon. Plus April Burrill (slash!) Chainsaw Sally, since you axed. And that's just the (s)laydies!

Guys wise, we have Kevin Clement with first Chilling, Johnny Legend, Professor Ouch, true survivor George Stover, and George Kosana from the scary first and beast NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, sheriff nuff! Plus Conrad Brooks, without whom things just Ed Woodn't feel altogether fright.

And that haunt the half of pits. Better, deader & redder yet, the producers of CB promise not 47 of the beast horror movie trailers/slash/coming eccch!-tractions ever, as hoodone had PREVUES 1, but 60! Yes indead, 5 dozen of 'em, witches for Shirley, Jackson, a Karloffty height to DIE, MONSTER, DIE for. In fact, that's more movie trailers of terror in CELLULOID BLOODBATH than even Dracula could Count!

At least, that is, without driving even him batty!

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