Friday, July 27, 2012

Crowned and Renowned: A Look Back at Crown International Pictures, Parts 1 & 2

Hey gang! Fly on over to Turner Classic Movies' great Movie Morlocks blog and check out "Crowned and Renowned: A Look Back at Crown International Pictures," an extensive two-part retrospective on the long-running independent movie company, written by David Konow and our very own Chris Poggiali.

Producer Marilyn J. Tenser and husband Mark Tenser, president of Crown International Pictures, on the set of SUPERCHICK (1973).

STANLEY and SUPERCHICK screenwriter Gary Crutcher with Mark Tenser.

Director William Grefe (with Stanley the snake) and actor Chris Robinson on the set of STANLEY (1972).


ibrokemydick said...

wow love it!
I had the pleasure of seeing the jaws of death in 35mm and loved every min.
grefe films are great

Anonymous said...

Great to see a longer version of this fun article. Unlike Hammer and AIP, Crown has never really had their story told. Maybe someday there will be a book about that studio? Looking forward to part two. My favorite Crown films are the sexploitation flcks, like THE BABYSITTER, THE YOUNG GRADUATES, and CINDY AND DONNA.