Friday, September 09, 2011

Mystery Movie: BLACK BELT SOUL BROTHER (ca. 1980)

A movie titled BLACK BELT SOUL BROTHER passed through Atlanta during the summer of 1980. Since it had no co-feature, we're pretty sure it was a newer film and not a re-release of THE DYNAMITE BROTHERS (known as BLACK BELT BROTHERS during production) or SOUL BROTHERS OF KUNG FU (which had played the same theater two years earlier without a co-feature) or one of the Ron Van Clief movies. Our best guess is that it's an alternate title for A HARD WAY TO DIE (1980), a Carl Scott-Billy Chong team-up that was in theatrical release at the time.

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Eric Harvey said...

Two guesses: Plugged in "Black Belt Soul Brother" and came up with the title playing Chicago in May of 1979 and possibly on a triple bill w/ DRAGON'S LIFE (?) and QUEEN BOXER which is an Aquarius release. Going through the Aquarius catalog brought me to BLACK DRAGON VS. THE YELLOW TIGER. Possibly a re-title of that?

Also could be a re-title of THE DRAGON LIVES (1978) which was a FVI release which also stars Carl Scott.

Given the poster tagline and the QUEEN BOXER connection, I may go with the former.