Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Endangered List update

A few of the movies we've spotlighted in our ongoing and very popular series "The Endangered List" have recently become accessible to the public in one form or another. Win Chamberlain's counterculture spoof BRAND X will be screened at UCLA and Harvard in October and at the DOX Festival in Copenhagen in November. Check out the film's official website for details.

A 3/4 U-Matic film transfer of David Feldshuh's 1973 Minneapolis-shot indy JUST BE THERE (a.k.a. SWINGING TEACHER) was recently discovered by cinematographer Gene Borman, who will make a DVD-R for anyone interested. Write for details: geneborman@gmail.com

An English-language version of the long-sought-after Filipino kung fu/fantasy/horror pic BRUKA, QUEEN OF EVIL is now available from Video Screams.

The elusive jungle adventure BROTHER, CRY FOR ME (a.k.a. BOCA AFFAIR) has surfaced twice this year, but as a "top secret" title available for a limited time only from Shocking Videos. Keep your eyes peeled for it during their next advertised sale.

Leopoldo Pomés' outrageous ENSALADA BAUDELAIRE, which received a U.S. release under the titles ANDREA and SEX AND VIOLENCE, is now available from Cinema De Bizarre -- in Spanish, with no English subs.

And finally, the Temple of Schlock gang has acquired a nice 35mm print of Jerry London and Lloyd Schwartz's GOODNIGHT JACKIE (1973), under the title GAMES GUYS PLAY, and will be arranging a few screenings early next year.

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Mike Mac said...

Great to see that some of these movies are turning up- I will get copies of as many of them as I can afford. Here's hoping that many other titles from the endangered list (fingers crossed especially for Imago and Sandwich of Nightmares!) surface soon...