Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mystery Movie: VISION OF THE ENDLESS EYE (ca. 1971)

We've found two playdates for this one, both as supporting features at Florida drive-ins.

March 1972

March 1973


Mike Mac said...

Another fascinating-looking relic of its era, from the title and the advertising; I wonder if the movie itself came within a hundred miles of living up to that title, though... Whatever this may have been, here's hoping somebody finds it- and makes it available to the public- some day. I tried looking for more info on it and came up with absolutely nothing.

Screen 13 said...

Interesting! The "Vision" could either be just the pairing of two films under some kind of promotional title, or if the 1971 date on the IMDb is correct, possibly The Headless Eyes under another title.

Don't know too much about the production of The Headless Eyes, but what I do know is that JER brought the film to the MPAA in 1973, with the X rating mentioned I think in Boxoffice's 6-11-73 issue.

Just guessing here, but maybe someone will fill in the story.