Monday, February 07, 2011

Mystery Movie: DISCO SEXPOT (ca. 1979)

Marc Edward Heuck of The Projector Has Been Drinking inquired about this obscurity almost five years ago on AV Maniacs and the silence was deafening. We figured it was time to give it a second shot.

We know that it was actually made and finished, because here is a copyright entry for it:

Type of Work: Recorded Document
Document Number: V2693P067
Date of Recordation: 1991-09-26
Entire Copyright Document: V2693P067-070
Title: Disco sexpot.
Party 1: Estate of Jack Broder d.b.a. Standard Club, by Bill Broder.
Party 2: Wade Williams.

Below is an ad from a January 11, 1980 booking in Jackson, MS with the equally mysterious STAG PARTY.

Thanks to the "Anonymous" comment below, we know it also played a late show at the Carolyn Theater in Piggott, Arkansas the week of August 12, 1979.


Erich Kuersten said...

Jesus, that looks like one excruciating cinematic endurance test.those go-go movies make me want to go on a rampage...Good luck on your hunt!

Anonymous said...

Well, it says here that it played at a Carolyn Theater in Clay County, Arkansas, back in 1979:

Temple of Schlock said...

Thanks Anonymous! We attempted a Google search but landed way too many hits of "disco sexpot Donna Summer" and bailed before we caught the Clay County midnight screening. We now have a date, Marc! 1979!

Mike Mac said...

Apart from the title, that poster looks to me like something from another era- in particular, the illustration looks like it was ripped off from an anti-VD (or anti-drugs) movie from the thirties or forties. ("A film to dance with- laugh with and sing with" also sounds like something from another era as well, at least to me. I wonder how many tickets that sold back in '79...)

The name Jack Broder didn't ring a bell right off the bat, so I looked him up on the IMDb and found eight credits from the early fifties, and two from 1966- and then nothing else. An interesting pattern- produce a batch of movies, then go dormant for a dozen or so years, produce two more movies- followed by another gap of about twelve or so years, and then... Disco Sexpot.

And Broder was in the film industry even before he began producing films- the Wikipedia entry for Realart Pictures says that Broder and Joseph Harris started that company in 1948. So that, in a way, might explain the poster- to somebody who had been involved in the business for several decades, maybe the poster didn't look that bad, or that out of date? Or maybe they just got the work done for next to nothing, and just didn't care how bad it looked- who knows?