Sunday, February 27, 2011

Movie Ads of the Week: RICHARD PRYOR, LIVE IN CONCERT (1979)

The great standup comedy performance film RICHARD PRYOR: LIVE IN CONCERT was released in February of 1979 to immediate critical and box-office success.

Six months later the producers reworked the film by incorporating footage that was shot on a different night of Pryor performing the same material, and re-released this new version in August '79 under several titles including RICHARD PRYOR IS BACK LIVE IN CONCERT, ANOTHER PRYOR: RICHARD PRYOR LIVE IN CONCERT, and RICHARD PRYOR LIVE - PART TWO. The ad campaigns implied that this was a sequel, despite notices that warned "Most of the material in this film was in the first concert."

So how can you tell the two versions apart? As reported in the Vincent Canby review below, Pryor wears a wristwatch in the second film!


Marc Edward Heuck said...

By that same detailed information, do you know which version, or versions, have been released on home video? There are the initial Vestron tape and disc releases, the later reissue by MPI, and I believe the most recent DVD came from HBO, since they had pretty much put up the money for the taping and release.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on a double bill with 'Black Emanuelle'!