Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Wabbit Zombie Weeturns!

Going by the name of this post, you might think that we've gone completely nuts and decided to acknowledge the existence of those wascally west coast maestwos of supewior suppwahmental extwahs, but no, we're just takin' some time to post and boast about our second Zombie Rabbit Award in as many weeks. You'll remember that our buddy Don Guarisco at Schlockmania sent one of these furry buggers our way last week. Well, now the guys at Video Junkie Strikes Back from Beyond the Grave, Thomas Simmons and William Wilson, have given us one as well. This is one of those pay-it-forward deals where the lucky recipients have to "infect" ten other blogs with the Zombie Rabbit, which was hard enough to do the first time and would be damn near impossible to pull off now without sending one a hoppin' right back at the Video Junkie guys, which would give them their third goddamn rabbit to deal with (Remember when Bill McKinney pops open the trunk of his car in THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT? It ain't a pretty sight). So we're going to try and eliminate this rabbit problem right now by passing it on to one and only one blog -- a great blog that we should've mentioned last week but didn't, and that's Samuel Wilson's Mondo 70: A Wild World of Cinema.  If you haven't checked out this superior site yet, then by all means get over there and become a follower.  It really is one of the best film blogs on the Web.

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Samuel Wilson said...

Well, you flatter me immensely with such an award. Lately I've been lazy about spreading stuff like this, but there's something about that rabbit....Anyway, yours is one of the first sites I started following regularly, so recognition from you is something I value quite highly. Your own blog is a treasure.