Friday, September 24, 2010

The Endangered List (Case File #84)


Steve Drexel (as Geoffrey Noble)
Larry Pennell (as Jim Noble)
Leslie Parrish (as Jenny Noble)
Richard Davalos (as Michael Noble)
Kahana (as Pablo)

Anthony Caruso
Ron Brown
Hubie Kerns
Fred Scheiwiller
Mary Angela Shea
Jay Adler

Directed by
William White

Produced by
Hubie Jay Kerns
William White

Associate Producer
Ron Brown

Music by
Jaime Mendoza-Nava

Edited by
Andrew Herbert
Carl Monson
Ed Hunt

Gerald Fine

An International Center Production

Released by
Fine Products

Running time: 95 minutes
MPAA rating: G (in 1969)

Also released by Capital Productions
Re-released as BOCA AFFAIR by Cougar Releasing
Possibly owned by Troma, Inc.


The story revolves around three brothers who have no love for each other but a great love of riches. Their father, hating all three of them, devises a plan whereby greed will lead them to kill each other off. He tells them of a fortune buried in the middle of the South American jungle which only he knows about. He then gives each son a map and legacy which states that the fortune is his alone.

Michael Noble, played by Richard Davalos, is married to Jenny, a beautiful blonde, played by Leslie Parrish. Indifferent to her husband, Jenny is, in fact, in love with Jim Noble, played by Larry Pennell. The third brother, Geoffrey Noble, played by Steve Drexel, is the greediest of the lot. He wants both the money and Jenny.

All three brothers arrive in South America at about the same time and the race is on. Since a violent storm has previously hit the jungle, all roads into the interior are washed out. The treasure is only accessible by water.

Geoffrey, tricking Michael, kidnaps Jenny and takes her away with him on his boat. Michael, frantically seeking his wife and the treasure, inadvertently runs a policeman down with his jeep and kills him. The jeep is discarded when a tire blowout forces Michael to head into the jungle in search of Jenny and “his legacy.” The police now start their pursuit of the hit-run killer.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey has arrived at a point in the jungle where he will have to proceed on foot. Leaving one of his men to guard the girl and the boat, he goes ashore. Jim catches up with them, subdues the guard, releases the girl and scuttles the boat. With the aid of a friendly native named Pablo, played by Kahana of the BANANA SPLITS series, Jim and Jenny make their way to the ancient ruins of the Incas. Jenny, while taking a shower under a waterfall, discovers the entrance to the cave where the treasure is hidden. She and Jim no sooner enter the cave and find the treasure when Geoffrey and his men show up. They, in turn, claim the treasure. At this point, the Police Inspector and his men arrive at the cave. The Inspector claims the treasure for his government. They all leave the cave only to be pinned down by the rifle fire from the now deranged Michael. Geoffrey, knowing that Michael is after him, grabs a gun from the Inspector and takes off into the jungle. A chase ensues and Michael finally corners Geoffrey, who pleads for his life. Michael, now hopelessly insane, kills him. Jim accosts Michael and attempts to bring him in to the police. A fist fight follows and Michael, grabbing the rifle, points it threateningly at Jim. The Inspector comes up behind Michael and kills him before he has a chance to shoot. Jenny, who has come with the Inspector, rushes to Jim, who tells her of his brothers’ deaths. Jenny, leaning on Jim’s shoulder, begins to cry softly. He leads her up a jungle path away from the scene of devastation caused by his father’s hate and his brothers’ greed.


Arbogast said...

I do delight in rough and tumble scraps! Boy oh boy I'd like to see this!

Steve C. said...

Troma has the rights to this one, supposedly. Maybe if we pester 'em enough they'll let it out of its cage.

jonbecker03 said...

"Brother Cry for Me" isn't endangered. I have a vhs copy of the film that I taped off of late night television about twenty years ago.

Temple of Schlock said...

@jonbecker03: We were aware that it had TV showings in '89 or '90. Considering the movie never got an actual VHS release, and the babies born the years it was last shown on TV are now starting their sophomore and junior years of college...well, that doesn't exactly make the movie accessible, now does it? Unless, of course, you volunteer to supply one of the gray market dealers with a copy or upload one to Cinemageddon :)

Krug said...

it got a vhs release in Australia back the early 80's. here it is on ebay: