Thursday, September 09, 2010

It was a HOT SUMMER WEEK in 1972, dammit!

We thought we had cleared up the confusion surrounding GIRLS ON THE ROAD two months ago when we reviewed it HERE, but we were apparently giving ourselves way too much credit. The DVD is out now, and in the past week we've seen a half dozen reviewers get the title and/or the release information wrong because they insist on consulting the IMDb for their (mis)information. One of these critics even swung by the Temple long enough to right-click our ad mats, but evidently didn't rub his eyeballs across any of the text before scurrying off to write his own review, because he made the same mistakes as the others.

OK, let's try this again: GIRLS ON THE ROAD is not the original title, and the movie wasn't released in 1973. The original title is HOT SUMMER WEEK, and it was released in 1972. Don't believe the IMDb, because it's wrong. Flat-out wrong.

The ad above appeared in the January 17, 1972 issue of Boxoffice. Please note the "national release date" of June 21. That's June 21, 1972 -- not June 21, 1973. If you search THE MPAA database for GIRLS ON THE ROAD, you won't find it on file with them, not even as an alternate title -- but you will find a record for HOT SUMMER WEEK (1972).

Let's go over it again, shall we? Original title: HOT SUMMER WEEK. Release date: 1972. Re-release title: GIRLS ON THE ROAD.

Got it? We'll see.


Erich Kuersten said...

You mean that movie Girls on the Road from the 1940s with Ann Dvorak?

Ian Miller said...

Thank heavens for Boxoffice Magazine, the wealth of info is staggering.