Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Mystery Movie Solved! FARMGIRL FANTASIES (1980)

Back in April of 2010 we posted about an unknown Troma release titled FARMGIRL FANTASIES that had received an R rating in September 1980 but contained a lot of bogus credits in its advertising, including "Music by The Fertilizers" and "Photographed in Farm-O-Vision."
It took us almost 11 years, but we finally tracked down a pressbook with a plot synopsis...
...which enabled us to identify FARMGIRL FANTASIES as an R-rated cut of Mac Ahlberg's JUSTINE AND JULIETTE (1975), which had been released in a hardcore version as SWEDISH MINX by Cambist Films in 1977.
After 15 years of running Cambist, president and co-founder Lee Hessel closed the company in 1978 and brought SWEDISH MINX and CRY UNCLE! to Troma, where he also was an associate producer on their R-rated hit comedy WAITRESS!

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