Sunday, January 31, 2021

Movie Play Ad of the Week: SECTION 8 (1971)

Live performances of SECTION 8, Andy Milligan's stage play about homosexuality in the military (written under his Gerald Jackson pseudonym), began on May 25th, 1971 at the Jewel Theatre, one of Chelly Wilson's all-male porn cinemas.
Although SECTION 8 ran for several weeks, Wilson wasn't interested in letting Milligan stage another show in her 3rd Avenue movie house, so the following year his next explicit production, COCTEAU, was mounted at the Players Theatre. Film versions of that and also BLACK MIRROR, a play by Welsh actress Jackie Skarvellis (THE BODY BENEATH, THE RATS ARE COMING - THE WEREWOLVES ARE HERE) that Milligan directed at Bastiano's Studio around the same time, were announced in Back Stage but there's no evidence that either show was ever captured on film.

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