Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Endangered List (Case File #162)

Never released on any home video format or shown on TV: the 1976 re-release version of THE FINAL COMEDOWN (1972), with additional scenes directed by Allan Arkush.


Billy Dee Williams (Johnny Johnson)
D’Urville Martin (Billy Joe Ashley)
Celia Kaye (Rene Freeman)
Raymond St. Jacques (Imir)
Sam Laws [appears in BLAST version only]
R.G. Armstrong (Mr. Freeman)
Maidie Norman (Mrs. Johnson)
Ed Cambridge (Dr. Smalls)
Billy Durkin (Michael Freeman)
Morris D. Erby (Mr. Johnson)
Pamela Jones (Luanna)

Cal Wilson
John Johnson
Rhonda Brown
Clifford Choice
Marlene Czernin
Nate Esformes
Nana Fitz
Sam Gilman
Jarrod Johnson
Andrzej Krakowski
Judy Morris
Ernest Robinson
Clifford Strong
Herman Washington
Vernon Waters

Written, Produced, Directed
Frank Arthur Wilson
[Oscar Williams and Allan Arkush]

Cinematography by
William B. Kaplan

Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Driver
Conrad E. Palmisano

Additional Photography [BLAST version]
Roderick Young

Edited by
Dick Van Enger, Jr.

Music by
Wade Marcus

Performed by
Grant Green

Production Manager
Andrzej Krakowski

Sound Effects Editor
Richard Sperber

Stunt Coordinator
Ernest Robinson

First Assistant Camera
Clifford Mosby

Bob Warden

Music Supervisor
Donald C. Hahn

Moog Synthesizer
Edd Kalehoff

Music Arranger
Wade Marcus

Music Editor
Michael McCroskey

Running time: 75 minutes

MPAA rating: R

Released by
New World Pictures

excerpt from
"Roger to Rookies: Make it Cheap"
by Patrick Goldstein
American Film
January-February 1985, pg.36-43

Detroit - May 31, 1972

Detroit - November 24, 1976


John Black said...

I saw the original film in an inner city Seattle theater circa 1972. I had no idea that a later version had been released. There was a home video release of THE FINAL COMEDOWN, possibly under an alternate title, but I'd bet that the VHS was struck from the 1972 release version.

Uncle Sporkums said...

Ernest Robinson had also appeared in the similarly endangered acid western, "The Dream of Hamish Mose"