Sunday, May 28, 2017

Movie Ad of the Week: JIVEASSP (1976)

This forgotten concert film starring Larry Raspberry & the Highsteppers -- the "world's most famous (unknown) rock & roll band" according to Creem magazine -- also features appearances by Jerry Lee Lewis, Leon Russell and Professor Longhair. There's no IMDb entry, but the few credits we have for JIVEASSP are as follows: it was produced by Jack Canson, directed and photographed by Richard Kooris, and edited by Ted Nicolaou. The ad above is from the Lubbock, TX opening on August 27th, 1976. Raspberry is selling a VHS of JIVEASSP on his website. The trailer can be seen here.

Del Rio, TX - August 27th, 1976

Harlingen, TX - September 3rd, 1976

Longview, TX - September 17th, 1976

Salina, KS - October 8th, 1976

Colorado Springs, CO - October 15, 1976

Fort Myers, FL - November 12th, 1976

Los Angeles - March 10th, 1977

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