Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Mystery Movie: REVENGE FROM THE UNKNOWN (1972)

We have no idea what REVENGE FROM THE UNKNOWN is, but it played midnight shows at one Seattle theater during the weekend of March 17, 1972. Going by the "3 hrs. of terror" tag line, it's safe to assume it was a double bill or a collection of trailers and short subjects. Does anyone in another part of the country recall seeing this blip appear on their radar, or was REVENGE FROM THE UNKNOWN unique to the Emerald City?

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John Black said...

Fascinating tidbit, but I don't know what this show was. I was attending college in nearby Tacoma back then, and Tacoma did not offer that mysterious program. Sounds like a double-feature to me. The date of March 17th is odd, as it would have been Saint Patrick's Day.