Monday, August 04, 2014

Blue Movie Monday: THE BEST OF DISCO DEMANDS (BBE Records, 2012)

It's been a while since we had one of our famous Saturday night disco parties here at the Temple, but this weekend DJ Schlocko showed up with a five-disc Al Kent compilation called The Best of Disco Demands that we just couldn't ignore -- and if you're thinkin' you're too cool to boogie, boy oh boy, have we got nudes for you: once you get past the mouth-watering pulchritude pictured on the slipcase, you'll find the five CDs housed inside miniature LP sleeves, each adorned with a photo of '70s porn starlet Desiree West! The music is pretty good, too. We got through three of the discs before DJ Schlocko snorted enough crushed Smarties off an Ohio Players record sleeve to become crazy-convinced his head was gonna explode like nine cans of shaving powder (Damn, crate-diggers wanna know EVERYTHING! It was Rattlesnake). The track list for each CD is below. We censored all the photos, but you can see them unaltered at Amazon, where this limited edition is still available -- or you can just reach into your screen and peel off the "Disco Special" stickers we slapped over the good parts. Yeah, that'll work. Snort some Smarties and give it a try.

Disc 1

“Giving It All to You” – Cheryl Berdell
“Why in the World Do They Keep On (Funk’in with Me)” – Executive Suite
“Cumbaya Disco” – Disco Warriors
“Suntan” – Sandpebbles of Barbados
“Doctor Dunk” – The Fans
“Let’s Go Disco” – TC & Company
“Dog It” – Chocolate + Joy
“Disco Socks” – Omni
“How Can I Tell Her” - Curtis

Disc 2

“Just Friends – Silver, Platinum & Gold
“Funkathone” – The People’s Workshop
“Take the Music to the Party” – Chocolate City Connection
“Disco Boogie Woman” – Universal Robot Band
“Sound of Disco Rock” – Stringfield Family
“Everybody Party (Get Down)” – The Firebolts
“Theme from Living Proof” – Living Proof
“In the Mood” – Puff
“Wave” – Cordial

Disc 3

“Fiddlin’ Around” – Don Renaldo Strings
“To Be With You” – Jimmy Sabater
“Party People” – Crosstown Traffic
“Hail to Guyana” – Alex and His Soul Messengers
“Gold Connection” – Harold Butler & The Connection
“Dance, Dance, Dance to the Music (Y’all)” – Ike Noble
“The Disco Stomp” – The Legal Defense
“Sweet Jazz Music” – Panache
“Get Ready” – Allan Harris & Perpetual Motion

Disc 4

“I’ve Been Searching” – Arts & Crafts
“Dancing Free” – Hot Ice
“Dancin’” – Volstar
“Party Together” – Superbs
“The Rock is Gonna Get You” – Gordon’s War
“Bahia” – Alice Street Gang
“Hey Mister” – Althea Forrest & Togetherness
“Give It Up” – Mirror
“Disco Joint” – The Live Experience

Disc 5

“Strung Out” – Bobby Sanders & Magic
“I Got It” – The Good Life Ltd.
“Doing Our Own Thang” – Al Tanner
“Fear” – Arthur King
“We’ve Got It” – Sylvano Santorio
“Party Party” – Mr. Q
“You Got Over On Me” – Power of Attorney
“Love is All Around” – Sizzle
“Back in Time” – Brooklyn Express


Anonymous said...

The slipcase model is Veronica Damien.

Temple of Schlock said...

Thanks for identifying her. She's beautiful!