Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Endangered List (Case File #144) - FOUND!

SECRET PLACES, SECRET THINGS is the story of eight people, four couples that find themselves at the Mayflower Hotel on a rainy summer night, each looking for a relationship that will add meaning to their lives.


Erik Stern
Edward Blessington

Directed by
Gary Kent

Running time: 67 minutes

Grads Corporation

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Mary. She came to Los Angeles to go to college. While she was waiting to start the next semester, she moved into an old hotel and is earning money … in various ways. One way is babysitting for the Standfords. On this rainy evening, Mr. Standford drops in just to say “Hello.” Mr. Standford is fifty-five and has reached a point in his life where few things have meaning to him. Mary senses his needs and makes love. Unfortunately for Mr. Standford, this was not the answer to is problem.

Bill Wilson’s thing is to pursue every young girl he hires for his company until she succumbs. Linda had held him off as long as she could. This night she gave up and gives in. Once there, once in bed, she began to resent what had happened to her. She turns on her boss in such a way that only a woman’s mind could contrive.

Bob and Chris have been planning their night together for a long time. They have saved the money for the room. They have made up stories for their parents. They have everything they need for their night together except the diaphragm. She didn’t bring it. Being two resourceful young people, they find a solution to their problem.

You take a young college athlete named Gary that has been lying to his friends since high school about his relationships and conquests of women, and you take “today” something clicks in his head. He says to himself: “Something is wrong.” He finds a hooker. He goes to the hotel, he gets checked into a room, then he finds that he doesn’t know what to do. The girl, Alma, takes control of the situation and leads the young man, step by step, through a moment of bliss, a moment that only happens one time in the lifetime of each man.

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