Monday, June 30, 2014

Blue Movie Monday: BIJOU (1972)

Now available on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome...

Acclaimed director Wakefield Poole’s second feature, the surreal and trippy BIJOU, set a new standard for explicit cinema when it opened in 1972. The film concerns a construction worker (Bill Harrison) who witnesses a car accident and pockets the female victim’s purse, in which he discovers her invitation to a club named Bijou. There, he enters a strange erotic world where dark fantasies becomes reality. A fever dream blending the erotic and the divine in equal parts, BIJOU is a psychosexual puzzle that rewards multiple viewings.

Scanned at 2K from the original 16mm elements and fully restored, this new version of BIJOU finally allows the film to be seen in all its original visual splendor.

Directed by Wakefield Poole
Starring Bill Harrison [Ronnie Shark], Cassandra Hart, Lydia Black, Robert Lewis, Peter Fisk [Peter Schneckenburger], Bruce Williams [Bruce Shenton], Bill Cable, and Rocco Passalini

1972 / Color / 75 minutes / AR: 1.33:1

Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | MONO
+ Original Theatrical Trailer
+ Director’s Audio Commentary & Video Introduction
+ Video Interview w/ Author Linda Williams
+ Video Interview w/ Wakefield Poole + Unused Audition Footage

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