Sunday, February 02, 2014

Movie Ad of the Week: UP YOUR TEDDY BEAR (1970)

Don Joslyn's oddball sex satire about the children's toy industry stars two former BATMAN villains (Julie "Catwoman" Newmar and Victor "King Tut" Buono) and the voice of Underdog (Wally Cox). Filmed as THE TOY GRABBERS, it was first released as the R-rated UP YOUR TEDDY BEAR by Geneni Film Distributing in 1970. The ad above is from Port Arthur, TX (July 22, 1970).

In 1971, a re-edited print was submitted to the MPAA under the title THE TOY GRABBERS and received a PG. After more re-editing, it went back to the MPAA and reverted to an R for Ellman Enterprises' release as MOTHER. The above ad is from Danville, VA (November 22, 1972).

MOTHER became HOT MOTHER in 1973. Above is the ad for its Lawton, OK showing at the Video Twin Theatre (January 27, 1974).

Six years later and still hot! Chicago opening: September 26, 1980.

Something Weird's print -- which carries the Geneni logo and the onscreen title UP YOUR TEDDY BEAR -- runs 82 minutes, 27 seconds.

In 2005, Troma released a "digitally remastered, lovingly created director's cut DVD" under the title THE SEDUCTION OF A NERD. This version runs 76 minutes.


SBM said...

I treasure my Something Weird dvd of this movie as one of the funniest films of all time, and also the trippiest, thanks to the soundtrack. I keep waiting for some more "legit" company to release a good looking edition.

Anonymous said...

Truly the salt of humor.

AnthonyH said...

Yes great music from Welsh group 'The Eyes of Blue'. Shame they don't get a credit for their input, only guitarist (& songwriter) Ritchie Francis gets a composer co-credit with Quincy Jones.