Sunday, February 09, 2014

Movie Ad of the Week: FIVE ANGRY WOMEN w/ THE ALIEN FACTOR (1984)

This double bill of "top new films" opened in New York on April 13, 1984 and -- according to the Gore Gazette -- closed the next morning! The first feature was shot in April 1973 under the titles RUN, BABEE, RUN and FIVE FEMALE FUGITIVES and had been in theatrical release from Mardi Rustam as FIVE ANGRY WOMEN for at least seven years prior to this. It would soon show up on video shelves as WOMEN UNCHAINED (Video Gems) and ESCAPE FROM CELL BLOCK 3 (Prism Entertainment). The second feature, Cinemagic magazine founder Don Dohler's THE ALIEN FACTOR, carries an onscreen copyright date of 1977.


code red said...

All Mardi Rustam has is a 3/4 inch tape. I took to a lab and tape 2 doesn't play. so they still charge me to do 1/2 the film. Another loss.

Anonymous said...

why did this Close the day after?

Anonymous said...

"why did this Close the day after?"

Likely b/c they saw ALIEN FACTOR.