Sunday, January 05, 2014

Movie Ad of the Week: MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR in Atlanta (1974)

This nearly four-hour long program of Beatles and Rolling Stones short subjects opened in three theaters in Atlanta on December 20, 1974. MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (1967) was made for British television and aired on BBC1 on December 26, 1967. It didn't reach U.S. shores until seven years later, when Carson Entertainment Group released the 55-minute film to theaters on combo programs such as this one (Despite what is written on Wikipedia and the IMDb, New Line Cinema didn't distribute MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR until the late '70s). THE BEATLES AT SHEA STADIUM (1966) runs 48 minutes long and is a film of the fab four's concert at Shea Stadium on August 15, 1965. THE ROLLING STONES AT HYDE PARK (1969), a.k.a. THE STONES IN THE PARK, is a 53-minute long documentation of the Rolling Stones' July 5, 1969 concert in Hyde Park, two days after the death of guitarist and founding member Brian Jones. CHARLIE, MY DARLING! (1966) runs 60 minutes and covers the Stones' 1965 tour of Ireland (An alternate cut, titled CHARLIE IS MY DARLING, was released on DVD in 2012).

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