Sunday, January 19, 2014

Movie Ad of the Week: Fabian and Peter Lorre in New Rochelle (August 1962)

Peter Lorre and Fabian appeared onstage at the RKO Proctor's theater in New Rochelle on August 27, 1962 to promote FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON, an Irwin Allen production in CinemaScope based loosely on Jules Verne's novel. The two were introduced by legendary WINS-AM disc jockey Murray "the K" Kaufman. The other half of that afternoon's Barbara Eden double feature was SWINGIN' ALONG (1961), a Tommy Noonan-Peter Marshall comedy also released as DOUBLE TROUBLE.

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Anonymous said...

In my hometown, we got SWINGIN' ALONG as the co-feature to Jerry Lewis' CINDERFELLA. It aired once on TCM several years ago.