Sunday, December 22, 2013

Movie Ad of the Week: GRASSLAND / HEX (1973)

GRASSLAND (1973), a.k.a. HEX, is a supernatural biker-horror movie set in Nebraska in 1919, starring Keith Carradine, Scott Glenn, Hilary Thompson, Cristina Raines, Gary Busey, Robert Walker, Jr. and Dan Haggerty. Directed and co-written by Leo Garen, from a story by Dorian William Cannon and Vernon Zimmerman, GRASSLAND was shot in 1971 and barely released under two different titles by a thoroughly confused 20th Century Fox in 1973. Prism Entertainment released it on VHS as THE SHRIEKING in 1991, and 15 years later it resurfaced on DVD as CHARMS.

September 26, 1973
Madison, WI

December 19, 1973
Ames, IA

Home video release - 1991

DVD release- 2006

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Richard of DM said...

Wow. I love the transformation of marketing this one went under. The Shrieking is an awesome title. I definitely would have gotten suckered into renting that had I stumbled upon it back in the day.