Monday, December 09, 2013

Mystery Movie: KUNG FU KIDS (ca. 1973)

Big thanks to Fred Adelman of Critical Condition for bringing this one to our attention: a Taiwanese (?) fantasy film released in the U.S. as a kiddie matinee during the height of the '70s kung fu craze. The ad mat above and the one-sheet below are all we have to go on. Killer bats, giant cats, man-eating plants, a two-headed dragon... With all that goodness packed into one movie, it's incredible that KUNG FU KIDS has flown below the radar for so long. Anyone know what this is, and where the heck we can find a copy?

UPDATE: We found out recently that KUNG FU KIDS was distributed by Aquarius Releasing, and also played kiddie matinees as SUPERBOY AND SUPERGIRL AGAINST THE 7 MONSTERS. The ad below is from a booking in Westfield, NJ during the weekend of October 19-21, 1973.

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