Sunday, January 27, 2013

Movie Ads of the Week: Harry Novak in the mid '80s

By 1986, legendary exploitation distributor Harry Novak of Valiant International Pictures (nee Box-Office International) had been in business for over 20 years and still retained a theatrical presence, even if the "core" of his product had gone from soft to hard. Adults-only showcases like the Cinema Theatre in Madison, WI (now known as the Barrymore Theatre) were still running 35mm prints of Novak releases like JOHNNY DOES PARIS (1979), THE SEVEN SEDUCTIONS OF MADAME LAU (1981), THAT'S MY DAUGHTER (1983), INSPIRATIONS (1983) and MOMENTS OF LOVE (1984), the latter two directed by Novak himself under the pseudonym "H. Hershey."

October 25, 1985

January 31, 1986

February 7, 1986

February 14, 1986

April 4, 1986

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