Sunday, January 13, 2013

Movie Ad of the Week: FULL TIME FEMALES w/ PART TIME GIRLS (1973)

This double dose of R-rated sexploitation from Times Film opened in Chicago on August 10, 1973. FULL TIME FEMALES is the French import L'INSATISFAITE (1972), directed by Jean-Marie Pallardy and starring Danièle Vignault, Michele Bory, Patrice Cuny, and Georges Guéret. PART TIME GIRLS is really PART-TIME VIRGINS, the R-rated re-release title of INTERPLAY (1970). Originally released by Times Film with an X rating, this New York-shot cheapie was written by Harvey Flaxman and directed by Albert T. Viola, the same filmmakers who hit paydirt a year later with PREACHERMAN (1971).

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