Sunday, December 11, 2011

Movie Ad of the Week: I REMEMBER LOVE (1981)

I REMEMBER LOVE (1981) was a late-night Cinemax favorite from 1988 until the mid ‘90s, when it was known as DREAMS OF DESIRE and frequently carried an erroneous 1985 release date (Paragon Video Productions issued it on videocassette as DREAMS OF DESIRE circa 1982). Actor-turned-director Norbert Meisel had previously helmed THE ADULTERESS (1973), starring Tyne Daly and Eric Braeden, and the triple-X crime pic LOVE, LUST & VIOLENCE (1975).

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Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow? said...

This movie was AMAZING! The funniest thing I ever saw. I stayed up late to watch it every time it came on.