Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Endangered List (Case File #117)


Krista Karlsen
William Bonds
Lynn O’Hara
Jeannie Collins

Screenplay by
Allen Hall

Directed by
D. (David) L. Monty

Photography by
Jay Lloyd

Edited by
Karl Viby

Music by
Peter Weaver

Running time: 82 minutes
Rating: Self-applied X

Released by
Vogue Productions


PROLOGUE: A psychiatrist briefly discusses the history of prostitution.

Kirsten, a young New York girl, is lured to California with false promises of employment as a high fashion model. George, the chief procurer for a prostitution ring, forced Marie – his latest recruit – to sign the fraudulent offer after she was physically and sexually abused.

Kirsten finally arrives at Marie’s forwarding address after a series of harrowing evens including an attempted rape by a hillbilly motorist. He is thwarted however through her skilled use of karate. Marie has moved out, but Hank, the new tenant, gives her the forwarding address as well as an offer of food and lodging. Kirsten accepts his offer, and submits to his physical advances to show her gratitude.

Marie is now set up for business in a luxurious high rise apartment. To keep her in line, George installs Luv, a feisty dyke, as her roommate, who introduces her forceably to the use of drugs and then seduces her.

Meanwhile, Kirsten arrives at Marie’s new address only to find George operating a “service station.” George offers Kirsten employment performing a new kind of “service,” but she refuses, hoping to find a job in a neighboring town. However, George has already phoned every potential employer in town and persuaded them not to hire her. Having no choice, Kirsten accepts George’s initial offer. What follows is a series of sexual encounters culminating in a brutal rape by a motorcycle gang.

Hank, whose previous attitude toward Kirsten was one of indifference, has now become concerned for her safety. He finds Marie, who is strung out on drugs. Marie’s new roommate offers him a soft drink laced with LSD. He now engages in a threesome, forgetting his primary purpose in being there.

The next day, his senses restored, Hank forces Marie to reveal the whole sordid mess. He goes to Kirsten. They decide to get married, but not before George is given his just desserts.

EASY VIRTUE was re-released by Parliament Films in 1975, with an MPAA-approved R rating, under the title TEENAGE PARTY GIRLS.

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