Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mystery Movie solved? KARATE AND THE KNIFE a.k.a. THE NIGHT OF THE CAT?

UPDATE: Last week, John Charles of Video Watchdog sent us three old newspaper articles about the making of THE NIGHT OF THE CAT (1973), a long-forgotten North Carolina-shot exploitation flick that was recently unearthed and released by Something Weird Video. Yesterday morning, we received the following message from John pertaining to our most recent "Mystery Movie" entry, KARATE AND THE KNIFE: "In the 'Oh come on, what a coincidence!' Department, this could very well be THE NIGHT OF THE CAT. The things described in the ad do happen in that movie and I couldn't find any actual playdates for the film under the CAT title."

Thanks, John! It looks like you've solved this one!

The three NIGHT OF THE CAT articles that John sent us are posted below. Among other things, they reveal that the film -- credited to director "Jim Cinque" -- was partially re-shot by Mike Plumides, the owner of several strip clubs in Charlotte, after production was shut down because the original producer-director, Norman Williams, was arrested for writing $19,000 in bad checks. And from additional articles that Po-Man found this morning and threw into the mix, it's revealed that Craig Stevens and Aldo Ray were the original stars of THE NIGHT OF THE CAT, but never filmed their scenes because Williams was busted before they arrived on location!

“See a 110 lb. girl destroy a 500 lb. man”

“See five strong men completely disabled by a wisp of a girl
all at once!!”

“See the amazing escape of the girl spread-eagled on a bed.
She used her TOES”

“See the terrible revenge when she killed her sister’s killer!”

“See how good girls are turned into ladies of the night!”


Nick Cato said...

I wonder if the image used on Ben Parker's TEENAGE STRANGLER poster was in the public domain as it's used here, too?

Temple of Schlock said...

Distributors from Donn Davison to Hallmark Releasing would pull graphics from existing ad campaigns all the time. I doubt that they were too concerned about the legality of what they were doing! :)

Nick Cato said...


Anonymous said...

the newpaper ads can't be blown up, which means they can't be read since you added the Slide-Show function

Temple of Schlock said...

Anonymous -- Oops! Our settings must've defaulted to "Lightbox" at some point last week. We certainly didn't add that feature ourselves! Thanks!

rivamarsh said...

In addition to the TEENAGE STRANGLER art you also have images taken from I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF (bottom right) and the Amero Brothers CORPORATE QUEEN (top right). Anyone know what film the image from the bottom left is from?

Tim Mayer said...

I tried to watch this movie and dozed off at the 30'