Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Endangered List (Case File #116)

“You’ve seen her as the nurse in ‘Deep Throat’…
now see her as Nancy in…”


Carol Connors (Nancy)
Jack Birch (David)
Don Fowler (Mr. Sanders)
Al Del Bake (Uncle)
Aurora Davis (Jo Ann)
Brenda Moore (Mary)

Produced by
Joseph Fink?

Directed by
Rene Martinez, Jr.?

Running time: 72 minutes
Rating: Self-applied X

Released by
Re-Mart International Pictures

"Knowing and loving the right people
is not a guarantee to the top!"


David, after applying many times for a job at Sanders Advertising Company and being turned down every time, becomes frustrated. In despair, David kidnaps the daughter of Sanders Advertising Company, in a desperate move to get money. David keeps the girl hidden in his house for five exciting days. The police unsuccessfully search for Miss Sanders all over the city. The couple, after being together for all that time, fall in love and marry.

David not only gets the girl but the job - an executive position with the Sanders Advertising Company.

One of five movies released by Re-Mart International, a Tampa-based film production and distribution company co-owned by producer Joseph Fink (DEATH CURSE OF TARTU, STING OF DEATH) and director Rene Martinez, Jr. (THE GUY FROM HARLEM, THE SIX THOUSAND DOLLAR NIGGER). Their first release, ROAD OF DEATH (1973), was an R-rated biker flick directed by Martinez and starring Connors and Birch. RIDE TO ECSTASY (1974) and YOUNG, RICH AND RIPE were released with self-applied X ratings, but THE KID AND THE KILLERS (1974) and something called THE SANGUINARY (1974) -- which is also known as SHOCK and may or may not be the U.S. release of LA CASA SIN FRONTERAS (1972) -- were rated PG. Fink succumbed to brain cancer shortly after these five hit theaters, Re-Mart dissolved, and Martinez (who may have directed YOUNG, RICH AND RIPE) went on to make the two worst blaxploitation movies of all time.

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