Thursday, June 23, 2011

State of the Temple Address 5

Hey guys & gals! Thank you, as always, for dropping by to say hi. A lot of you have been wondering where the heck we’ve been for the past month and a half. First of all, we appreciate all of the emails we’ve received inquiring about our health, financial state and general well-being, and we apologize if we haven’t had the time or energy to respond to them all in a reasonable fashion. We should've posted a simple "Be back soon!" or something else that would've set minds at ease, but we didn't, and our silence only fanned the flames of gossip. Yes, we’ve heard the rumors that have been circulating, so let’s put an end to one or two of the more eyebrow-raising ones that have come down the pike in the past 5 weeks. No, Po-Man was not Al Green’d into the emergency room by a crazy ex-girlfriend, nor was he shamed into seclusion by a certain pesky message board moderator who dared question your humble editor’s allegiances in a public forum a couple of months ago. You can also breathe easier knowing that we were not victims of Randy Quaid’s “star whacker” conspiracy, which may or may not have claimed the life of legendary Intervision Picture Corp. founder and president Larry Gold III earlier this year in Thailand. Nope, none of that.

So what the hell happened? Well, we took off on a month-long cross-country road trip back in April, and right about the time we were strolling into the Billy the Kid Museum in Fort Sumner, NM, we got a call from Quasi-Schlocko that all hell had broken loose back at the Temple. Instead of returning promptly to take care of business, we boldly (stupidly?) pushed on, hitting the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Graceland and Stax and Sun Records in Memphis, the Buford Pusser Home & Museum in Adamsville, the Shiloh and Chickamauga battlefields, and a bunch of other places we'll post about eventually if we ever clear up the shitstorm that erupted in our absence and is still swirling around us.

The long and short of it: We have to move out of this Temple into a new Temple, so don't expect any kind of consistent posting from us until September, 'cause all the good stuff is boxed up and in storage.

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