Monday, June 27, 2011

The Endangered List (Case File #108)

A Harold Robbins presentation with a score by Quincy Jones? We want a copy! Rated PG by the MPAA in 1972, we know nothing more about YAO OF THE JUNGLE than what's revealed in the grainy newspaper ad above (from Long Beach, CA in 1972).


Marc Edward Heuck said...

I've determined that this is a dubbed, feature-length condensation of a French/Ivory Coast-produced miniseries called "YAO" from 1969.

I know of one print in private hands.

Temple of Schlock said...

It looks like you won the stuffed bear, Marc! YAO (1969) was written & directed by Claude Vermorel and stars François Boguy as Yao. We'll update the entry later today.

Anonymous said...

Check out these links for more info (in french and german) and some pics.

I remember running through woods with a bow and arrow shouting “YAO……!!” when I was about 5 years old having watched the tv series.