Sunday, January 02, 2011

Movie Ads of the Week: newer crap that passed through New York

We haven't seen any of these yet. Feel free to leave reviews in the comments section.


John Charles said...

Feel free to never watch BITCH SLAP. PIRANHA 3-D had a lock on Worst Movie of 2010 until I happened to screen BITCH SLAP at the end of December.

Steve Kopian said...

Bitch Slap is a send up of Russ Meyer movies and being such kind of pointless. The ladies look greta but outside of that it wasn't worth the effort.

Rare Exports I thought was great. It was scary and funny. A wonderful off kilter Christmas film.

I really liked Monsters an was a amazed at what could be done for 15 grand. Sure its not perfect but it's more interesting then some of the bigger budget films of late.

I've heard that Hatchett 2 is more of the same.

Unknown said...

I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE was a great remake that toned down the rape and UPPEd (and I mean UPPED!) the violence quotient.

Bitch Slap was good for what it was. I enjoyed it alot.

Hatchet 2 I didnt get to go see since the fuckin retards at DARK SKY didnt realize you cant release a movie unrated in Canada (under penalty of law!). If theyd submitted it to the ratings board, it would have gotten an 18a at most since thats what the first Hatchet got...I went all the way to the theatre to see it only to find it had been pulled the nite before...Oh well I got a free movie out of it.

Rare Exports is brilliant! Now one of my favorite christmas movies, its just so off beat and weird...