Friday, January 28, 2011

The Endangered List (Case File #95)


Craig Denney (Alexander)
Darrien Earle (Darrien)
Arthyr Chadbourne (Arthyr)
Florence Marly (Diana Blair)
Rocky Barbanica (Young Alexander)
Harvey Hunter (Prison Officer)

Directed by
Craig Denney

Screenplay by
Dorothy June Pidgeon

Produced by
John William

Executive Producer
Ernest J. Helm

Cinematography by
Allan Gornick, Jr.

Music by
The Moody Blues
("Tuesday Afternoon")

Title theme by
Zubin Mehta
Los Angeles Philharmonic

Filmed in

Recorded in

Running time: 96 minutes
MPAA rating: R

Released by
Republic Arts

PLOT: Growing up in a carnival can bring out the worst in a person already inclined to con-games and power trips; certainly Alexander (Craig Denney) is not improved by the experience. Aiding and abetting his development as a most unpleasant fellow is his growing psychic ability. He rises through a number of incredible schemes to a position of power over others, but cannot surmount his own towering ego. - Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Anonymous said...

Two films called THE ASTROLOGER made in 1975? Who could have predicted that?

Temple of Schlock said...

The James Glickenhaus movie carries a 1976 copyright date, was submitted to the MPAA for a rating in '78 and released theatrically that same year; this one was submitted in '75 and the ad we posted is from '77.

rivamarsh said...

Ask Something Weird Video, they purchased a 16mm film print of a mystery movie called "The Astrologer" on ebay and the seller claimed it was not the Glickenhaus film and that is was very rare.

Anonymous said...

It's been found. Alamo Drafthouse has shown it at Fantastic Fest and San Francisco's Another Hole in the Head this year (2014). It's definitely an oddity.