Monday, April 19, 2010

We'll never know

Would they try to charge $45 for a carry-on?

Would they be on the FDIC's watch list, or long gone by now?


Armando H. said...

hahahaha. Oh Crown International Pictures.. Ever noticed the Crown t-shirts some characters wear in some of the movies? I want one D:

Tog said...

Just as an aside: I work for a major airline, and have noticed that the passengers who do the most bitching about bag fees are the same entitlement-heads who stuff their luggage with anything and everything short of a Volkswagen Beetle.

Over-capacity stuffing, loose hooks/straps, and cheap plastic zippers mean bags busting open in the bag system, and overweight bags mean back injuries. (Favorite bag: a half-empty duffle bag with a bag of flour inside destined for Guatemala. The surprise weight-shift put me on the injured list for three weeks. The muscles in my back felt like the shower curtain in Psycho snapping off the rings one by one.)

The money to deal with these problems has to come from somewhere. (See also: Iraq, occupation of.) A certain airline brags that they don't charge such fees, but a peek at their history in the news suggests what corners they cut to pull that off and remain profitable.

Temple of Schlock said...

We stopped checking our bags years ago, after too many instances of either lost luggage or maddeningly long waits at the carousel, so it wasn't OUR sack of flour and duffel bag that threw your back out of whack. At $45 per bag, it'll be cheaper to throw everything into a Priority box and mail it to the hotel a week before departure. Hell, we already do that with our dirty laundry on the return trips.