Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GONE WITH THE POPE at the George Eastman House on May 6th!

Our friends at the George Eastman House have landed one of the very first public showings of Duke Mitchell’s GONE WITH THE POPE (from Grindhouse Releasing), so if you live anywhere near Rochester, N.Y. you’ll want to be at the Dryden Theatre on May 6th for what promises to be a slam-bang great time. We really wish we could attend, especially since the Eastman House very kindly provided us with their archival print of THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL for our screening at the Cinefamily last month (and Grindhouse head honcho Bob Murawski was there to show his support), but it just isn't possible. We'll have to catch GONE WITH THE POPE at the Landmark Sunshine in N.Y.C in early June, but for those of you in the Rochester/Syracuse/Buffalo area, we urge you to attend the showing at the GEH, 'cause their Dryden Theatre is a really great venue. You'll find more info on the screening here.

Here's the full schedule of GONE WITH THE POPE playdates so far:

May 6 - George Eastman House, Rochester, NY
May 10 - Doc Films, Chicago
May 15 - Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek, North Austin, TX
May 21 & 22 - E Street Theatre, Washington, D.C.
May 28 & 29 - Bridge Theatre, San Francisco
June 4 & 5 - Sunshine Cinemas, NYC
June 11 & 12 - Uptown Theatre, Minneapolis
June 18 & 19 - Main Art Theatre, Detroit
June 25 & 26 - River Oaks, Houston
July 2 & 3 - Inwood Theatre, Dallas
July 7 - Alamo Drafthouse, Austin, TX
July 23 & 24 - Esquire Theatre, Denver
August 6 & 7 - MADCAP Theaters, Tempe, AZ
August 14 - Tower Theatre, Salt Lake City


Kung Fu Manchu said...

Oh man, I love seeing films at the Eastman House! Wonder if I can make it to this... gotta work in Syracuse that morning, but should have time to get home and up to Rochester! Hmmmm Also want to make it to Hausu on the 28th!

Kung Fu Manchu said...

So I made it to the Dryden Theatre for this... It was so great, such a wonderful experience. I've had an interest in grindhouse/exploitation/horror/etc for years and seen many many movies, but had never had the actual EXPERIENCE. I've always been enthralled by the actual SCENE, what it may have been like to see a flick on the Deuce, to be in an audience in an actual grindhouse. I can now say that I've come as close as it can get! The film was incredible, it ran the whole gamut as far as one could imagine. Laughable, politically incorrect, performances as stiff as a board, yet at the same time charming and I was very absorbed. The audience was great, laughing, gasping, hooting and hollerin, and I even saw an elderly couple turn their heads to each other, wide-eyed and slackjawed, during a scene where Duke Mitchell basically denounces Catholicism in front of the Pope and tells him it's all BS! Seeing this film on the big screen was an grindhouse lover's dream... the only thing missing was the stench of piss, and I didn't seeing anyone shooting up smack in the theatre!

After the film there was also a short but very interesting panel discussion with Bob Murawski and Chris Innis about how they came about finding Gone With the Pope, the cutting/editing/restoration process and also a little bit of history on Duke Mitchell. It really capped off a totally awesome night!

See this film as it makes the rounds, you will not be disappointed!!