Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GAME SHOW MODELS and THE BOOB TUBE screening this Friday @ The Cinefamily!

Cultra Video & Temple of Schlock Present
"The Art of Exploitation"
Cinefamily @ The Silent Movie Theatre
611 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036-1714
(323) 655-2510

Friday, February 26th, 2010 -- Another hot triple bill!

Directed by David Neil Gottlieb, 1977, 35mm, 88 min.

Having started off life as the off-kilter AFI-funded art film THE SEVENTH DWARF, GAME SHOW MODELS is a unique beast, reconciling the nitty gritty of the music biz with a bunch of outta-left-field nudity and assorted sleaze grafted on at the eleventh hour. Stuart is a PR firm exec whose task is to help usher in a childish and churlish new singing starlet; he discovers that the entertainment biz ain't what it's cracked up to be after he beds her and she gets all weird, and after his co-workers start brandishing guns and making uncomfortable sexual advances on him! Whether The Seventh Dwarf was never fully finished, or whether it was purchased and re-cut with new footage, we'll never know -- but what's evident is that there's some haphazardly inserted scenes featuring a sex-themed game show (hosted by Dick Miller!), on which bearded professor-like contestants fondle naked ladies through glory holes and then later screw them while standing up. Y'know -- the usual. Featuring inexplicable cameos by film critic Charles Champlin and jazz cat Willie Bobo, and a bewildering downtown L.A. mime interlude, GAME SHOW MODELS is a roaster of a rare breed.

2. THE BOOB TUBE - 9:45pm
Directed by Christopher Odin, 1975, 35mm, 82 min.

The whopping success of the 1974 television parody sketchfest THE GROOVE TUBE ushered in a slew of quickie, uneven sex-filled clones, but none of them went the extra distance in getting so queerly specific as THE BOOB TUBE, which exclusively covers the soap opera sweet spot. Composed of a phony daytime drama concerning a studly doctor and all the nymphets that want a bonk from his reflex hammer, the film is filled with the usual ludicrous plethora of twists and turns the genre calls for, and is periodically interrupted by some zany and naughty commercials. THE BOOB TUBE's charm comes from its cast's sincere attempts to play it all straight-faced, and it also scores points for being puerile, witty and raunchy all at the same time.

Our mystery third feature is an R-rated drive-in comedy co-starring Rosanne Katon!

Tickets - only $10.00!

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