Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Andy Milligan double bill this Friday at the Cinefamily in L.A.!

Cultra Video & Temple of Schlock Present
"The Art of Exploitation"
Cinefamily @ The Silent Movie Theatre
611 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036-1714
(323) 655-2510

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Directed by Andy Milligan, 1973, 35mm, 80 min.

Andy Milligan might not be as renowned or respected as Paul Morrissey, but his films not only cover the same obsession with inner city blight, hustlers, homosexuality, cross dressing, gender bending, and compulsive violence -- they also offer an even more intimate examination of New York’s seamy underground. In what is perhaps Milligan's most seminal effort, FLESHPOT ON 42ND STREET follows hooker/petty criminal Dusty as she wanders around Times Square, eventually shacking up with Cherry Lane, a beleaguered cross-dresser. Starring porn vets Harry Reems and Laura Cannon in career performances, and featuring both Milligan’s trademark low-fi DIY approach to filmmaking and a tenderness to what would normally turn out to be rather squelchy sex scenes, FLESHPOT is a crucial cinematic study of the people and culture of the long-lost Deuce. Note: This print runs 3 minutes longer than the version currently available from Something Weird Video!

Directed by Andy Milligan, 1970, 35mm, 82 min.

Most artists have a muse, something that gets their creative juices flowing or gives them inspiration during a mental block. Andy Milligan's muse, one which might be surprising to the uninitiated, was Victorian England, which he usually recreated on his native Long Island. For THE BODY BENEATH, however, Milligan was granted the opportunity to shoot in the land he’d so long been crafting across the Atlantic. Body is well within Milligan’s usual aesthetic -- a combination of gaudy and lurid -- but is also the director's highest budgeted work, and in it he pulls out all the stops with a bloody vampire tale of a fanged Catholic priest that's extremely polished by his usual standards. Nevertheless, his trademark handheld cinematography and bizarre dialogue survive in full force, making the film another deliciously bizarre odyssey into the mind of one of underground cinema’s most intriguing characters.

Our mystery third feature has absolutely nothing to do with Andy Milligan, but is a sexy '70s slasher flick not available on DVD!

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