Monday, January 18, 2010

More DVDs coming soon from Cultra!

Last week we told you that a new DVD company called Cultra will be putting out a special edition disc of POOR PRETTY EDDIE in April. Well, we've just been informed that two additional Cultra discs are heading our way later this year. First up is Al Adamson's super obscure, G-rated talking monkey movie CARNIVAL MAGIC (1983), which we caught last April at the New Beverly as part of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemapocalypse and can't wait to see again. We're also looking forward to Chuck Vincent's BLUE SUMMER (1975), featuring Joe Sarno regulars Chris Jordan and Eric Edwards, in its complete, uncut, X-rated glory.

Preliminary specs are below.

- New HD transfer from the ORIGINAL negatives, approved by producer Elvin Feltner
- Full-length audio commentary by Feltner
- Interview with Feltner
- Original theatrical trailer
- TV spot
- Still gallery
- German dubbed track (tentative)
- "The Elvin Feltner Story," a new documentary about the maverick Florida film producer/distributor

Chuck Vincent's BLUE SUMMER
- New HD transfer of the original, uncut X-rated version, mastered from pristine elements
- Alternate R-rated versions of the sex scenes
- Liner notes
- Still gallery
- Interview and/or audio commentary with one of the stars (tentative)

We'll post more details as we receive them. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

BLUE SUMMER is already out as part of a (gray market?) 4-pack and it's no great shakes, but I am totally down for those other titles.

Unknown said...

The current BLUE SUMMER release is mastered off of an old 3/4 inch tape master. This is coming from the original mint ANSWER PRINT!

austin said...

Does Cultra not have website up and running yet?

Temple of Schlock said...

Not yet.