Friday, August 14, 2009

The Endangered List (Case File #41)


Bonnie Boland
Jack De Leone
Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez
Martin Kosleck
Robert Ridgely
Lori Saunders
Dee Gardner
Tony Du Pre
Jack Sheldon

Written and produced by
Duke Waxenberg

Directed by
Nicholas Bennion

Cinematography by
Paul Lohmann

Music by
Luchi DeJesus

Edited by
Leonard J. South

MPAA rating: R
Running time: 90 minutes
Harnell Productions
A Southern Star release

The following is from Boxoffice (September 10, 1973, p. 4622)...

U.S. President Jack De Leone, complaining “there’s so much to do,” gets word that the U.S. Senate plans a monument in his honor; he’s flattered until learning of the pose. He promptly launches an all-out “war” on obscenity, working with Martin Kosleck, director of the investigative bureau, under the code name, “Operation Bow-Wow.” De Leone’s dedicated staff swings into action. Lori Saunders, willing “to do anything” to help her imprisoned dad, is recruited as a “Bow-Wow” agent. Informer Robert Ridgely, whose firm rents out animals for orgies, private parties and pornographic movies, helps her. Ridgely’s business partner, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, won’t take Bonnie Boland with him to the track; she retreats into a world of sexual-romantic fantasy. Dr. Dee Gardner arranges a demonstration of two prize animals for Lori. De Leone finally learns of Ridgely’s modus operandi, fires Kosleck, invites Lori to dinner, offering South America as a token gift. Lori leaves, proving De Leone’s need for greater cooperativeness on lower levels of government.

Teaser ads run-of-paper and spot ads on radio-TV are a must.

The First Blue Movie About the White House!...Politics Is a Dirty Business – But It Sure Is Fun!...Could Washington, D.C., Ever Be Like THIS?!!

In light of Watergate, on-going national and regional “confrontations” anent obscenity charges and countercharges, this Southern Star release comes into the marketplace with a lot going for it. Pure satire, with enormously delightful put-ons involving government, its people, the Duke Waxenberg written-and-produced attraction toplines Jack De Leone as president; Bonnie Boland as an addle-pated lady friend of Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, latter partnered with Robert Ridgely in an outfit that earns its keep by hiring out animals for private parties, orgies and pornographic films, much to consternation of conservative federal men-of-decision. Basically, there’s little controversy; to the movie buff, the touches of sexual dalliance on high levels of government couldn’t have been put forth better. Waxenberg’s pointedly polite puttering, handsomely adapted to screen form by director Nicholas Bennion, should not draw down law enforcement ire; what is considered here – and considered with strikingly strong effects – is man’s very frailty-and-frustration. Acting-wise, the effort gets along swimmingly. Just how far local-level promotion should go to tie-in with Page One headlines is something only the individual showman can determine.


Booksteve said...

Another cool one I'd never heard of! Keep 'em coming! This is better than reading about all that new big-budget stuff I'll probably never watch anyway!

Kris Gilpin said...

Booksteve, I saw this turd ages ago in Miami--& believe me, it sucks! there were walkouts thruout & all the "humor" was just dirty--but unfunny dirty.

but I'm glad Chris still has & puts such posters & merchandise online--all this rare, obscure film paraphernalia should be preserved & distributed, for Film's sake! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I realize I'm sort of late to this, but can anyone who has seen it answer a question?

Was Petticoat Junction beauty Lori Saunders nude in it? If so, I think it is a shame that it has faded into obscurity and will never be seen.