Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kris' Movie Crossword #13

by Kris Gilpin


1) Beauty, Black B-movie bombshell!: PAMGRIER
5) A fe/male fragrance: ARAMIS
9) A large monkey: BABOON
11) Man-machine interface (init.): MMI
12) Gross yellow-white ooze: PUS
13) A.k.a. National Academy of Design: NAD
14) John Landis' ____ the Night: INTO
15) A.k.a. Reserve Officers Training Corps.: ROTC
17) The heavens: ETHER
19) A.k.a. head of household on Big Brother: HOH
20) Mad Max's last name: ROCKATANSKY
22) The ___ Rock: HOT
23) _____ the Law: ABOVE
25) Boogie ___ you puke!: TIL
26) Liquid: FLUID
27) Space-y 80's Alan Arkin film: SIMON
29) For locating objects in water: SONAR
30) Creme of 10CC: LOL
31) Pieced-together flick with Price & Nicholson: RAVEN
33) Played Paul Kersey in popular '74 revenge tale: CHARLESBRONSON

1) A band-aid in London: PLASTER
2) Great new film with the great Sam Rockwell: MOON
3) Facially deformed actor from the '40s forced to play the heavy/creep/killer in films: RONDOHATTON
4) 2nd (at first underrated) solo album by McCartney: RAM
6) "Self facially deformed" comedienne who directed RABBIT TEST: (Joan) RIVERS
7) Excellent, underrated '89 Denzel film: MIGHTYQUINN
8) '85 Kelly Preston flick: SECRETADMIRER
9) She ain't fat, stupid, she has a ___ in the oven!: BUN
10) Long stick in a boat: OAR
11) Directed the tale mentioned in 33 across: MICHAELWINNER
12) Rare turd starring Eastwood: PINKCADILLAC
16) Rug rat: TOT
18) Tooth or head____: ACHE
21) Gives you instant sleep in the ring: K.O.
24) Zappa asked this brilliant guitarist to join his band: (Steve) VAI
26) Elvis song: "_____ __ Line.": FIRSTIN
27) Thin, creepy bad guy Henry _____: SILVA
28) One of our finest, "older" female actors: MERYL
32) The duct that transports sperm to the penis: ___ deferens: VAS

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